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    Warrior Records and Distribution, a division of L.A. Entertainment, Inc., was formed by President/Staff Producer, Jim Ervin and established with national distribution in 2004. The label proceeds with the ideal of offering opportunities to talented artists who wish to embrace the best of what an active indie company can offer, while also enjoying major label distribution channels.

    This business started with the independent. From the 1970's through today, the distribution channels have been dominated by what is now Sony, WEA, and Universal. But, as we watch various new technologies become commonplace, we continue seeing a shift back toward the independent. Sales attributed globally to indie outlets continue to rise. We are the ones who take the initial risk, develop the artists, package the products, and create a demand for it. Independents are the A&R departments for the majors.

    Warrior thanks all companies that are involved in independent releases, for they strive to support the creative spark that drives this industry.

    Jim Ervin
    Warrior Records and Distribution

    Record Label and Distributor

    Warrior enjoys a diverse catalog covering media and music releases in many genres, including alternative rock, classic rock, r&b, rap, adult contemporary, jazz, folk, and many others. Our products are distributed worldwide via Universal Music Distribution, as well as through independent distribution channels.

    Music Publishing

    Warrior's parent company, L.A. Entertainment, Inc., has three publishing companies: New Entity Music (ASCAP), New Copyright Music (BMI), and New Euphonic Music (SESAC). We own and administer a select catalog of over 500 copyrights. Through innovative marketing and strategic partnerships, we aggressively pursue opportunities to maximize our repertoire in all media outlets, including motion picture, television, and videogame soundtracks.

    Promotion And Marketing

    L.A. Entertainment, Inc., maintains K.I.S.S. Marketing & Promotions, a company dedicated to the marketing & promotion of third party products, both in the music, motion picture, television, and consumer product related industries. K.I.S.S.' clientele includes major labels, studios, advertising agencies, and manufacturers.

    Merchandise & Touring

    L.A. Entertainment, Inc. and L.A. Entertainment Merchandise are dedicated to providing booking and/or merchandising services to touring artists, including; design, ordering & fullfillment, tour seller staffing, and all related aspects.

    New Technologies

    Network Enterprises Worldwide (N.E.W.) is L.A. Entertainment, Inc.'s new media and technologies division. N.E.W. develops and implements new formats, e-commerce, and emerging internet methodology.


    L.A. Entertainment, Inc.'s new music magazine, the Indie Portal, is a gateway dedicated to showcasing the hottest acts in new music on a global level. No hype, no fluff, just great music.

    Press Inquiries

    Contact: info at warriorrecords dot com

    Wednesday January 28, 12:09 pm PST
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