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Al Perez

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About Al Perez

Al Perez is a captivating singer/songwriter and soulful performer. His seven-member band has thrilled audiences for over a decade at festivals, corporate events, and clubs around the USA, Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Costa Rica, and Aruba.

Perez's singles "Love Revolution," "Let The Player Play," "Women Powers," and "Shirley Sweet" have received support on numerous playlists, radio, and press outlets (see Look What People Are Saying section). Plastic Mazagine says, "Al Perez proves why he is considered on of the most captivating singer-songwriter of our time."

Soul&Jazz&Funk notes, "Al avoids the inherent saccharine and his declarations of love are the more convincing for that," while Blues In Britain says Perez's music is "sheer joy, well in keeping with similary sweet soul from the 'love generation' era."

Al's singles are all part of his "Love Revolution" album available on Warrior Records which he promoted upon release as the opening act on Nine Below Zero's 40th Anniversary UK tour.

Al performs music which has been described as something for everyone with tones ranging from light rock to R&B -- with a singer-songwriter flair and just a touch of Latin for flavoring. Whether Al is playing solo or on a full-band festival, corporate event or club, he performs all the fan favorite covers, as well as his own original music. As The Columbian noted, “The soulful sounds from Al’s acoustic guitar and his seven-piece band backing him are masterfully woven.”

Perez has been performing around the northwest music scene since 1997 and over the course of his career has self-released three albums. His first in ’97 entitled “Travlinman” was recorded at S.I. Studios in Portland, Oregon. This was followed with 2000’s ”Finally“ which received both local and national play with the songs ”Millennium” and “Under my Skin,” and his 2003 third release “Next,” included fan favorites “Come and Get It” and “Be with Me.”

Many of Al’s original songs have been featured on Portland’s KINK radio and the band has performed live in the KINK Lounge on numerous occasions. Al has also been featured on local Channel 6 News and interviewed/performed live on KRLL in Bend, Oregon.

Perez’s prowess as an artist and songwriter caught the attention of Warrior Records’ president, Jim Ervin. This led to a record and publishing deal for Perez and the production of his new album "Love Revolution" for the label. “We’re happy be working with Al and look forward to making his newest material available soon,” said Ervin. In the meantime, Perez’s back catalog has been released by Warrior both digitally and physically, including various playlist adds on both Spotify and Deezer.

Al cites his influences as:
• Bill Withers
• Marvin Gaye
• Boz Scaggs
• Smokey Robinson
• Prince

"Love Revolution" Liner Notes:
• PRODUCED BY Kevin Nettleingham
• EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Jim Ervin for L.A. Entertainment, Inc.
• RECORDED AT Nettleingham Audio, Vancouver, WA
• MIXED AND MASTERED BY Kevin Nettleingham
• MUSICIANS: Vocals: Al Perez, Backing Vocals: Tracey Harris, Zaria Williams, Ronnie Wright, Derek Boone, Gene Houck, Guitars: Matt Salinas, Aron Lewis, Tim Ellis, Mike Doolin, Bass: Albert Reda, Ben Jones, Dave Captein, Keys: Jean-Pierre Garau, Alex Shakeri, B3: Billy Nichols, Drums: Mike Braun, Brian Foxworth, Mark Powers, Tambourine: Derek Boone, Cello: Skip VonKuske, Sitar/Balalaika: Tim Ellis

Al Perez Venue Performances

Tours: Nine Below Zero (40th Anniversary) UK Tour

Roses Festival, Vancouver Music Festival, Uptown Festival, Fort Vancouver 4th of July event, Ridgefield Mayors Ball, Washington County Fairgrounds, Royal Oak Country Club, Portland Yacht Club, Winter Hawks, PGE Park, Ridgefield 4th of July event, Millennium Park, Stormy Weather Art Festival.

Corporate Events:
Clark County Chamber of Commerce, The Empress Estates, Lazy Boy, Home Depot, Vision, Boyed Coffee, Republican Lincoln Dinner, Vancouver Business Journal, Winn group, MILGARD Corporation, Becocks music.

Ilani Casino, Key Largo, Grand, MT Tabor, Gemini, Leslies, Charlies Bistro, Irishtown, Cameo, Bacchus, Chicago Blues, Trails End, Vie De Boheme, Red Lion, JB’s Night club, Billy Blues, 6WEST...and to many to more to list!

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